Tips On Taking Levitra

Levitra like any other drug for erectile dysfunction don't go along with nitrate so this nitrates should be avoided at all costs. Nitrates are chemicals that are always found in drugs that treat chest pains so it is advisable for anyone taking chest pain drugs to avoid using levitra until the doctor confirms that it is now safe to use the drug.

After taking levitra it is advisable to watch an erection period, in this case there will be a great risk if an erection lasted for more than three hours as this can be dangerous because it can damage the veins and tissues of the penis. If this is experienced, seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid more injury and further damage as well as increasing the weight of the problem.

Before taking levitra, discuss your medical condition with a specialist like if you have problems with your blood pressures, heart and if you are taking other drugs, its health to tell your doctor all that so as he may know if its safe for you to take levitra. Levitra is a drug for erectile dysfunction but it does not prevent anyone from contracting sexually transmitted diseases so one is advisable to take precaution when engaging in sexual activity.

Men who have abnormal blood pressures are advised not to take levitra and the dosage as in many drugs should be completed no matter what condition one is in unless your doctor tells you to stop due to its side effects otherwise no dose should be skipped.

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